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OOIDA business seminar goes online

The dates for OOIDA’s fall seminar have been announced, but this year’s seminar will be quite different from the ones offered in the past.

This year, instead of truckers coming to OOIDA, the OOIDA Foundation will go to the truckers by hosting an online webinar that truck drivers can access from any computer.

The seminar will take place over 10 weeks beginning Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. Central.

This seminar has been developed for the advanced owner-operators who already have their own authority. It will help them fine-tune their business model and explore what might be the best options for running their business.

The OOIDA Foundation is also offering a second seminar for folks considering getting their own authority. That one will take place in February. A third seminar aimed at owner-operators who are leased to a motor carrier is planned for sometime in mid-2011.

Seminar classes cover a wide range of topics including everything you need to know about setting up and remaining compliant with your business, business plans for successful owner-operators, all the way to regulatory compliance through CSA 2010.

Participants can take part in weekly “live” webinars, which will conclude each week with a question and answer session. All sessions will be archived, so participants who want to go back and review a previous session will have access.

More information about all of these seminars can be found online at LL