Cover Story
Your vote and the 2010 election
As the calendar moves closer to midterm elections, no matter what you're doing or where you are, you can't escape the deluge of honest causes, sincere campaigning or pure propaganda that is trying to influence your vote on Nov. 2, Election Day 2010.

Everywhere you turn, politicians, political parties and special interest groups are bombarding voters with ads on television, radio and in newspapers. Friends and acquaintances are flooding social media sites and blogs in their attempts to point out which candidate speaks the honest truth and who has an ax to grind.

Even complete strangers at the lunch counter aren’t at all shy in their attempts to sway …Your vote.  

Obscene amounts of money are spent during each election in pursuit of your vote. Candidates are stepping out smartly, and well-paid spin doctors who are skilled at crafting convincing messages are called upon to push your emotional buttons.

How do you know who to listen to, who to ignore, and who to take with a grain of salt?

Having the due diligence to research the issues or people vying for your vote is the only way to make sure the blitz of carefully crafted campaign hoopla doesn’t sway you from making a smart vote.

For first-time voters this process can be downright intimidating. It is no small task to brush aside the political rhetoric and see what the track record is for incumbents, or how challengers and other newcomers are going to be any different.

In the following pages you will find information not only on how to go about voting, but on how to make sure you have the tools to confidently make your own decision in the voting booth instead of getting lost in the chaos and throwing away …Your vote.