Awards highlight Truck Driver Social Media Convention

By Land Line staff

Two women who have worked tirelessly to promote two critical issues were recently recognized for their efforts at the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention.

Hope Rivenburg and Kylla Leeburg were each recognized for their efforts with special awards.

The “Make a Difference Award” was presented to Rivenburg, the widow of Jason Rivenburg, a trucker slain while on his rest break in his truck. She has taken the need for more safe and secure truck parking to Washington, DC. She has succeeded in having Jason’s Law, a bill intended to provide for more truck parking, introduced not only in Congress but in her home state of New York as well.

An outstanding achievement award was presented to Leeburg. Along with her mom and her sisters – Karin Leeburg Larsen, Kirsta Leeburg-Melton and Kendis Paris – Leeburg was inspired to form Chapter 61 Ministries, then Truckers Against Trafficking two years later, to battle human trafficking in the U.S.

The awards were a highlight of the Truck Driver Social Media Convention held in Tunica, MS, in mid-October. The convention was organized by OOIDA Members Allen and Donna Smith of “Ask The Trucker.”

“The goal of the convention was to unite, honor, and give voice to the professional driver. (We did that) by uniting, informing, presenting to drivers and their supporters and finally allowing drivers to have a voice, as they addressed both the audience and the panel with statements, concerns and questions,” the Smiths said in a press release following the convention.

The day was filled with speakers whose specialties ranged from legal to regulatory to business to social media. The couple said all the presentations were jam-packed with information tailored to the truckers in attendance.

The pair said they received many compliments and requests to hold the event again. The Smiths, pleased with the first-time effort, are making plans for the Second Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention – and expanding it to two or three days. LL