Small acts of kindness

By Jami Jones, senior editor

The mainstream media tend to fixate on acts of heroism, unbelievable sports feats, and generally the spectacular things in life. They play fast and loose with terms like “hero,” “mentor” and “role model.”

What really matters in life seldom grabs the attention it deserves – except at the Mid-America Trucking Show, a place known for celebrating all things great about truckers. The Trucker Buddy press conference was no exception.

The group honored 12 special people who make it their mission in life to share what may be small things from the road with children tucked away in classrooms all over the country.

The following were honored as Trucker Buddies of the Month at MATS:

  • Mike Schultz – January 2010
  • Sheila Logan – February 2010
  • Jacob Person – March 2010
  • Allen Button – April 2010
  • Carl Ziehlke - May 2010
  • Herbert Wells – June 2010
  • Richard and Linda Thomas – July 2010
  • Chuck Lobsiger – August 2010
  • Mike and Kristy Seastrom – September 2010
  • Chris Winkler – October 2010
  • Chris Sawyer – November 2010
  • Steve Dyer – December 2010

They share funny stories, send souvenirs, and update the class on cool places they have been. They give of themselves, and they give of their time.

Those small acts of kindness mean the world to children. They will grow up and tell the stories of this “cool trucker” who sent us stuff. Maybe they’ll even tell that story while on a road trip with their own children.

What Trucker Buddies do has a more profound impact on life than just opening the eyes of children. It’s carving out a better understanding of the industry in future generations who will share the road with truckers.

If you don’t believe me, here’s what one student told Steve Dyer:

“You are awesome. … I hope to be a Trucker Buddy some day, too!” LL