Confused? This should clear up the fuel economy plan

By Mark H. Reddig, Land Line Now Host

We’ve been talking on our OOIDA radio program for some time about the proposed new fuel economy standards for large trucks being looked at by the federal government.

The issue has generated considerable controversy in trucking, but it’s also generated massive confusion.

A lot of truckers have questions about the proposal they’d like to have answered. And many of those questions center on the effect the regulation could have on existing trucks and on owner-operators’ future truck purchases.

First of all, this is not a directive on truckers. It is a directive on truck manufacturers regarding standards they have to meet when producing new vehicles.

If your truck didn’t just come off an assembly line after that rule takes effect, then your truck is not in any way affected.

However, I understand the concern. And I do think owner-operators will be affected. But not in the way many of you might think.

We all know that truckers are going to keep buying trucks after this is in effect. And in considering the cost to businesses, EPA and NHTSA – the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration – seem to be pretending (and it is pretending) that this will have no effect on the people who buy the trucks.

We all know that’s Grade A bull.

OOIDA has been in contact with both agencies and will continue its efforts to ensure that those agencies consider the costs to small businesses like yours.

And there is hope. Congressman Darrell Issa and his Government Oversight Committee have made it a point to go after regulations that have massive costs behind them like this.

When we’ve brought information to the congressman’s attention, he’s been very receptive.

I don’t think he will for one moment be fooled by EPA and NHTSA claiming that the fuel economy standards have a cost only to the truck manufacturers.

You’re the people buying the trucks. It will affect you. And we intend to see to it that this information is considered. LL