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Nofziger's new post: OOIDA's Missouri headquarters

Rod Nofziger is now on staff at the OOIDA headquarters, a promotion that OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston is confident is a move that will increase the depth of organization’s executive management.

Nofziger has been associated with or employed by OOIDA nearly 11 years in total. Initially, he was employed for OOIDA’s Washington, DC, counsel and spent three years representing the Association on Capitol Hill. He joined the OOIDA staff in January 2004. Early in 2005, the Association established its first office in Washington, DC, with Nofziger as OOIDA’s director of government affairs. He’s held that position until the present time.

Nofziger’s early experience in DC provided valuable years working for the most powerful transportation committee in the U.S. Congress. He previously was employed by the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, where he assisted with legislation that affected trucking and other transportation industries. After his time with Congress, he worked for OOIDA’s Washington counsel as a lobbyist. 

“Rod grew up in the Midwest, where his father was a driver for a small over-the-road trucking company,” said Johnston. “From his father, he learned the values and rewards of hard work, but also was witness to many of the difficulties and obstacles men and women of the trucking profession must confront and overcome. With those life experiences plus his experiences fighting for the rights of truckers in DC, we are certain he will be an asset to our management staff here at OOIDA headquarters.”

Nofziger’s previous position as director of government affairs has been handed off to OOIDA’s Government Affairs Counsel Laura O’Neill, who will also serve as the DC office’s director/government affairs counsel. O’Neill has worked alongside Nofziger since August 2007 when she joined the staff at the DC office.

The Association’s lobbying staff was also recently bolstered by the addition of Ryan Bowley in February of this year. LL