New Missouri laws cover various truck issues

SB470 includes provisions to:

  • Expand state and local sales and use tax exemptions for trucks and trailers used by common carriers to include motor carriers and trucks weighing at least 24,000 pounds or trailers used for transporting person or property, respectively.
  • No longer require a common carrier to “hold itself out to the general public” to transport property or passengers.
  • Bring the state in line with the federal rules on medical certification.
  • Expand the Kansas City commercial zone. The affected area includes state Route 45 from its intersection with Interstate 29 to the town of Iatan, north of the metropolitan area.
  • Add state transportation emergency response vehicles and motorist assist vehicles to the list of protected vehicles in the state’s “move over” law. Already covered in the rule are fire and police personnel, as well as ambulances and tow trucks.
  • Remove limitations on livestock haulers up to 85,500 pounds to portions of U.S. 36 and U.S. 65. Instead, the weight restriction applies to any vehicle hauling livestock or agricultural products on highways other than interstates. Milk haulers weighing up to 85,500 pounds on the way to processing facilities are also authorized to use affected highways.

HB1402 includes provisions to:

  • Drop a requirement that contract carriers of HHG show that the service is needed when applying for a certificate of authority or permit.
  • Authorize rates in commercial zones to be different than rates collected in rural areas of the state.
  • Mandate that towns provide at least one street for large trucks “to access any roads in the state highway system.”
  • Expand the Kansas City commercial zone to SR 45 from its intersection with I-29 to the town of Iatan.

SB611 includes a provision to require yellow light change intervals for traffic signals at intersections outfitted with ticket cameras to be set in accordance with nationally recognized engineering standards.

The new rules take effect Aug. 28. LL