Association News
Notes from the meeting

The board has five executive officers who are part of the Board. They serve five-year terms. At the spring meeting, the vice president and treasurer positions were up for election. Todd Spencer was re-elected to the position of executive vice president; Bill Rode was re-elected as treasurer.

OOIDA's Truckers for Troops is one of the Association's favorite endeavors. The effort, now trademarked by OOIDA, raises money to pack and send care packages to service personnel stationed in combat zones, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. The members and staffers involved were commended for their efforts in this project, which in five years has raised more than $230,000. The commendation was presented by Board Member Mark Elrod.

In his Foundation report, Woody Chambers reported that Shell Rotella is now sponsoring OOIDA's webinars and that 38 webinars have been presented, or 782 educational classes. In a report on the scholarship program, Treasurer Bill Rode told the Board that Shell Rotella has again donated $10,000 to the Scholarship fund, which also received an anonymous donation for $2,000 from a supporter of the scholarship program.

The Board has four standing committees: the Finance Committee, the Nomination-election Committee, the Judiciary Committee and the Scholarship Committee. During the days that the Board members are at headquarters, those committees meet and conduct business, along with the Media and Marketing Committee.

The OOIDA Board of Directors meets twice a year to conduct the Association's business, to discuss the concerns suggested by members and to decide which of those OOIDA will take to a target-issue level, and to implement strategies to accomplish Association initiatives. The dates for the fall meeting have not yet been announced. LL