Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton, Land Line Now senior correspondent

Land Line reader T.J. Fiscarelli of Park City, MT, would like to send out some ROSES to Mark Daniel, a truck driver with Canusa Transportation out of Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada. Back in January, T.J. was taking his 2-year-old son from Montana to Denver, CO, for an emergency operation because of a condition the boy was born with. They couldn’t fly because of a snowstorm and were forced to drive.

About 20 miles north of Casper, WY, T.J.’s car went off the road into a ditch, leaving him stranded with his wife and son in the middle of a snowstorm.

Fortunately, along came Mark Daniel, who stopped his truck and helped dig the car out so they could get a chain hooked up and pull it out of the ditch. Mark then pulled his truck in front of T.J. so T.J. could follow. But T.J. discovered he had a flat tire and soon lost sight of Mark in the blinding snow.

He got the tire changed and got his son to the hospital for the operation. But T.J. says he wouldn’t have made it if Mark hadn’t stopped, and he wanted to be sure Mark received some recognition for his good deed.

T.J., consider it done.

OOIDA Members Bob and Linda Caffee would like to give some ROSES to an officer with the Missouri Department of Transportation they encountered while they were hauling a security-sensitive load.

The load’s customers wanted to inspect it en route. The Caffees’ dispatcher told them to pull off when they could so the customer could take a look. As the Caffees pulled into a truck stop with a scale, a DOT officer came over and asked if everything was all right – because he noticed a car had been following them and driving suspiciously.

Linda said they knew the people in the car. They were with the customers wanting to inspect the load, and it was OK. But the officer said he was going to go have a chat with them anyway.

It was a small thing, but Linda said it made her day to know that the scale personnel were not only looking for defects on trucks, but also looking out for the safety of truck drivers.

Truck driver Greg Hubener would like to give some ROSES to OOIDA Life Member Dale Slaght of Gravois Mills, MO, for being his mentor and for being a good ambassador for trucking as well as OOIDA. Greg had been out of the trucking business for a while, but decided to get back in last year.

Greg met Dale one day while out getting a paper to look for work. He spotted Dale and his truck and asked him for advice about getting back into the business. The two became fast friends. And beyond just giving him advice, Dale helped Greg get his CDL and get a job.

It’s good to know drivers are still out there willing to go the extra mile to help those in need.

RAZZBERRIES to the organizers behind the so-called “Stand Up For Trucking” event in Washington, DC, earlier this year. These people, who claimed to be representing the trucking industry, flew in to Washington and met with every politician they could in the hopes of getting a truck size and weight increase into the next highway bill.

That they wanted to do this was bad enough. But that they did it under the guise of “standing up” for trucking is reprehensible. Increasing truck sizes and weights is dangerous to the lives of truckers and everyone on the road. This would put a tremendous burden on our already overburdened interstate system.

It seems to us the only thing these people were standing up for was their own corporate profits.

RAZZBERRIES to Steven Collier, former public works director for Barber County, KS, for his scheme to buy a bunch of equipment – including a couple of trucks – on the county dime and then turn around and sell it for a profit for himself.

This guy allegedly did this with two trucks, a bulldozer, a Chevy pickup and a John Deere tractor.

He and his wife are currently facing 11 felony counts. Ironic that this happened in Barber County because he clearly tried to take a little off the top for himself. Too bad he got clipped in the end. LL


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