Your Vote
For truckers ready to act

Communicating with elected officials is a year-round task. The importance of your livelihood dictates constant vigilance of goings-on at the federal, state and local levels of government.

To help make your task more manageable, OOIDA is firmly committed to getting the word out on important legislative issues that affect professional drivers.

With the help of the Internet, email and satellite radio, OOIDA has the capability to relay info quickly to truckers about important issues. Land Line Magazine produces daily news online for OOIDA’s Websites, “Land Line Now” broadcasts on Sirius XM Road Dog Channel 106, and OOIDA taps its vast e-directory frequently for instant Call to Action email blasts.

OOIDA’s Call to Action Team is ready to alert truckers on hot-button issues being discussed in Washington, DC, in state legislatures, and in communities throughout the country.

To sign up for OOIDA Calls to Action, contact Angel Burnell at 800-444-5791, ext. 1600, or email

Team members with email will receive the most current updates on critical issues.

After receiving your alert, it is essential you call your elected official(s), whose contact information will be provided; visit their office(s) for a face-to-face conversation; or, when possible, attend a meeting where they are present for discussion.

You will be contacted only when an extremely important issue arises. LL