Letters from the Troops
Logging some windshield time alongside experienced owner-operator Leo Wilkins, FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro says the trip has given her a clearer sense of the issues facing truckers on the highway and in the regulatory realm.

Thanks for the Land Line magazines
Thank you so much for the amazing care package you sent to me and my unit in Afghanistan.

My dad, Roger Ohde, is a member of OOIDA, and had told me that he had given Truckers for Troops my address. I was shocked when I received such a large package in the mail that was filled with anything and everything I could have imagined.

My favorite part of the package was definitely the Land Line magazines that were included. I have been reading Land Line ever since I was a kid, and have always enjoyed them.

Truckers have always held a special place in my heart, as both of my grandfathers, my dad and my brother all drive truck.

The kindness of strangers never fails to amaze me, and receiving a package from OOIDA and the great people that make up your organization reminds me how lucky I am to be from such an amazing and supportive country.

My team and I are currently in Southern Afghanistan. We are the 12 members that make up the Nebraska Agribusiness Development Team IV. We are on a 12-month tour, and will probably remain in country until January 2014.

Once again, thank you so much for your support. You will never know how much it means to us.

Sgt. Riley Ohde and Nebraska Agribusiness Development Team IV

Thanks for the cigars
Thank you very much for the care package you sent. My platoon was really excited to receive it. We had a cookout and used the seasonings on the meat.

The cigars were greatly appreciated. We handed them and all the other items out at the cookout.

Thank you to all the members who helped to send out the care packages to all the troops!

Semper Fi,
Lance Cpl. Matthew Althoff

Thanks, Truckers for Troops
Thank you so much for the care package! I’m from an Army National Guard unit out of Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve passed out the contents as best I could.

We all appreciate the support. Thanks so much!

Lani Hefel

Coming home soon
My name is Sergeant Pettay. I recently just received two packages from each and every one of you that dedicate your time and energy in supporting us over here in Afghanistan.

My soldiers and I would like to say thank you to everyone that supports us. You all are amazing people and have huge hearts.

As much as we enjoyed all the snacks and drinks, we would also like to inform you that our time here in Afghanistan is running short. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for the packages – and all the support.

Sgt. Pettay, Bo
Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan

‘Smiles and open arms’
On behalf of the 724th Military Police Battalion staff, we just want to send a warm thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you are doing for us troops.

We have replaced the previous unit, the 160th Military Police Battalion. Your care package was opened by the staff here and was received with smiles and open arms.

Thank you for all you do. We look forward to sending you a gift of appreciation sometime soon. Thank you so much and keep us in your prayers.

Lovella Simmons

A thank you note
from the Middle East
Thank you for the wonderful box of goodies that you sent me. I cannot tell you how much it means to know there are people and organizations looking out for us from afar. I am in a Civil Engineering Squadron that takes care of all base maintenance and construction projects. We are made up of active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel. Our youngest Airman is 18, and our oldest is 58. Thank you again for the box of treats that I’ve shared with my squadron.

Brandy Caffee
Captain, USAF
Deputy Base Civil Engineer

Checking in from Bagram, Afghanistan
My unit and I would like to thank you for the awesome care package we received. It was a huge morale boost! Thank you again from the 257th Military Police Company.

Thanks for this awesome box full of goodies. Good touch with the Silly String. I think pranks may happen ... good ole morale booster. Thanks for your support and your time in putting this together!

Gabrielle Washington

First combat tour
This is Staff Sgt. Fox with the 1487th Transportation Company here in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I wanted to send you all a message and let you know that I received the package that you mailed here, and I am grateful for all the items you sent.

I shared it with some other members of my squad, and they were excited as well. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all at OOIDA, everyone at the radio show, and anyone who contributed!

I have been in the military for almost 16 years. I served in active duty Army, and then transferred into the Ohio National Guard in 2000. I was a mechanic when I first came in, became a supply sergeant, and now I am a motor transport operator.

I have been overseas while on active duty, but this is my first combat tour. It is quite interesting to say the least.

Again I sincerely thank you all for your efforts, time and dedication in sending the items here. It’s always a great feeling to get something from home, and a lot of the items that you sent are not available here.

Staff Sgt. Matthew G. Fox 

Thanks from Afghanistan
I want to thank you for the care packages. They got here while I was on a four-day mission, so it was nice. I also talked to my executive officer, and she is going to get a few things together to send to you.

I do believe that she is going to get a flag that we fly here in Afghanistan and send it to you.

We are also going to try and get you a company picture.

Chris Rhoden