On the Road with Jon
Don’t start believen’

On more than one occasion, I’ve been told I resemble Jamie Hyneman, host of the popular television show “Mythbusters.” Like Jamie, I bust my fair share of trucking myths.

A favorite myth of mine is about the U.S. Marshals. No, the U.S. Marshals do not respond to things like road rage altercations, problems with scale house personnel, or an issue with the fuel desk at the truck stop. You’re going to get local law enforcement on calls like that, not the feds.

The myths I hate the most are the ones perpetuated and believed by the motoring public. Let’s set this straight: Truckers are not a bunch of big, scary druggies going on three days of nonstop driving with no sleep and looking to mow down your grandma with our big rigs. Of course, all of you know the truth that truckers are the safest drivers on the road. But the next time you encounter an uneducated “civilian” driver, feel free to tear this page out and give it to them.

Regardless of whether it’s a myth that makes me laugh or want to shake my fist, I’m always glad when a visitor on “The Spirit” has the sense to ask whether or not something they’ve heard is true. I don’t have all the answers, but I know people who do. I call my trusted sources at OOIDA at 800-444-5791 and tell the operator I have a question about a particular topic and she connects me with someone in the know.

Next time you’re at the diner and someone tells you an outrageous story about Congress passing a law that we are all required to wear bike helmets in the truck stop parking lot, don’t run out and buy one. Come see me instead and let’s bust that rumor before it catches on. If I’m not currently in your neck of the woods, call my trusted sources or send them an email. You’ll find more contact information on My tour schedule is there, too.

And yes, it’s true, a dog is my co-pilot. (Sassi says hello, by the way.) It’s also true that we both look forward to meeting you somewhere down the road. LL