ATA, better pull up your britches… your double standards are showing

By Jami Jones, managing editor

It’s not like we don’t know what the ATA is up to, but the fact of the matter is, in the past several weeks, the America Trucking Associations isn’t doing a lot to mask its hypocritical, egocentric agenda.

Mike Card, chairman of the ATA, told a gathering at the Great West Fleet Executive Conference in Las Vegas that over-regulation is killing the owner-operator.

Overdrive reported that Card’s address pointed at “the over-regulation of the trucking industry as a dagger to trucking’s ‘first generation,’” as he calls it, referring to owner-operators and small fleet owners who were able to get their starts after deregulation in the late 1970s.

“For this first generation, Card says, ‘merger, sale or death’ are the only three ways out of the industry, as their businesses are no longer sustainable as is.”

This is another verse in ATA’s bemoaning of regulations. One more good one happened last year when Werner CEO Derek Leathers spoke at the annual ALK Transportation Technology Summit.

“We have been dealing with regulation after regulation,” he said. “I can’t price for crazy. We will not stand behind a price if we are impacted by something coming out of D.C.”

Back the truck up, ATA.

Who’s pushing for more regulations? You are. For the love of all things trucking. It’s the ATA regulatory agenda that’s driving things like speed limiters, electronic on-board recorders, collision mitigation systems …

Cripes, if you hate over-regulation so much, then quit asking for it. LL