Your Vote ’13
Each election offers opportunity

By Keith Goble, state legislative director

Election season is here again. Gone from most ballots this time around are the big races for federal and state offices. Instead, voters will make decisions on issues closer to home.

For truck drivers, each election should create impassioned involvement because ballot issues and elected officials at every level of government can have far-reaching effects on the trucking industry.

Your vote is your voice.
Be heard.

OOIDA has worked for the interests of truck drivers for 40 years. During that time, elected officials at all levels of government have witnessed the commitment of professional drivers.

In 1982, the Association coordinated a “call to action” that resulted in more than 24,000 telegrams, mailgrams and letters flooding U.S. Senate offices. Truckers made it known to lawmakers how they felt about a tax package targeting their wallets.

Today, OOIDA continues to offer truckers resources to make their voice heard. Included in this issue is information on registering to vote, early voting and absentee ballots.

Truckers who have not yet registered to vote or requested a ballot are encouraged to get involved. Visit for information on voting in your home state.

Truckers who do not have Web access – or those who have questions or need assistance – can call the OOIDA Membership Department at 800-444-5791, ext. 4906.

It is worth the effort. Professional drivers have every incentive to use the information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who’s representing them and what issues they support or reject. LL