Mafia Secrets
Pride and Class served up with a slice of orange

By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

Casey Causey is the lucky owner of this hot lookin’ 2016 Peterbilt 389 Pride and Class Ltd. Edition truck, but Danny Frank is the even luckier fella that gets to drive it for Causey.

The plan is to add it to their fleet of equipment that services the environmental cleanup industry not only in the Houston, Texas, area, but all over the Midwest.

This Pete will tally up in excess of 100,000 miles a year, pulling a wide variety of trailers – a Landoll, an end dump, a double box roll-off trailer or anything else a particular project may require for a refinery cleanup, oil spill or just about any containment. This is what Causey’s team does best.

Danny has known Causey for quite a while but has only been employed with the team for about one year. He wanted to thank Casey and his wife, Cara, for the trust they have put in him and the opportunity to captain such a nice ship so early in his employment.

Ever since Danny was a youngster, riding with his uncle Chuck throughout his childhood summers, he waited for the day when he could get a rig as good looking and comfortable as this new 389.

This truck is certainly no slouch, equipped with a Cummins 550 ISX powerplant, 18-speed transmission and 3.36 rear differentials at 285-inch wheelbase. It will tackle the passing lane as well as the long steep grades almost effortlessly.

They made their new truck purchase from Peterbilt of Arkansas and immediately dropped the truck off here at 4 State Trucks – Chrome Shop Mafia for a long list of upgrades and custom work. This limited edition series released recently by Peterbilt comes with special badging, several interior enhancements, polished front fenders, and a unique grille design with side vents for the hood, but Danny and Casey wanted to take it beyond the next level of appearance, as it would be the flagship of the fleet.

Project No. 1 was to get some great looking stainless fenders on the rear of the truck to match the polished front fenders. Danny went with four individual stainless steel full-radius fenders and then chose a chrome rear T-bar with 13 round clear-lensed LED tail lights in it. Next we hung stainless skirts under the cab, sleeper and front bumper, and a set of air cleaner panels all equipped with the trendy new “button” LED lights in them – clear-lensed of course – to keep the theme going throughout the truck.

Every big rig deserves a drop visor, and for this, Danny chose a stainless bowtie style with stainless windshield trims and door chop panels to really make it pop. He even added chop panels to the sleeper windows too. Because they carry a lot of gear, we spec’d out an awesome cab guard/cabinet from Brunner Fabrication, loaded it up with lights and beacons, and secured it to the frame just behind the sleeper.

These are just a few of the major additions. Of course, like any red-blooded trucker, Danny had us do the hub covers, hood ornament, stainless front fender guards, hood extension panels, door sill panels and rocker panels, shiny battery box permit panels, and a heap of chrome was added to the dashboard as well.

Congrats to Danny and the boys at Causey Trucking. Trucks don’t often come along much nicer than this 389 – super sharp, trimmed out extremely nice, yet not overdone.

As they say, if you’re gonna have to ride, you might as well ride with pride and class, eh? LL