Can I get a retweet?

By Sandi Soendker, editor-in-chief

Do you have an email account but rarely use it because you can't remember the user ID or password? Are you still carrying a flip phone? Have no texting skills, still not quite sure what a search engine does?

Is your day filled with people who assume you are technically literate? Like your new safety director who announces everything first on Facebook? Or the uppity receptionist at the DOT doc's office who says "you must complete your paperwork before you come in by going to our secure patient web portal."

Right now we still have a huge segment of truck drivers saying "What the heck is an app?"

With the typical age of a professional trucking member of OOIDA about 56, plenty of you may feel you are on the non-technical side of the digital divide. It could easily seem like the whole world is speaking a different language, one you never thought would be important to understand.

You may have always been confident that technology would stay in the entertainment realm and not invade every single facet of your whole life and a huge part of your profession.

But now, with the rapid pace of technology – where new apps, websites and gadgets come out at a relentless pace all claiming to make life easier, business more profitable, downtime more fun, or keep friends and family closer – it's tough for anyone to keep up. Much less someone spending the large part of their day tending to the money-making end of trucking by driving.

So at our fall Board of Directors meeting, we had a super-charged media confab on the "digital divide." Our media people and our website folks have a great plan to make our communications platform the best in the universe. But, for those of you who feel out of touch and beginning to worry about it, we also plan to step up our "how to" and "Internet 101" articles.

We think 2016 is going to be a fast-moving ride. You savvy truckers are going to like what OOIDA is going to do with our websites. And you old schoolers? Don't worry. Stick with us, and by this time next year maybe you will be the first ones to tweet out that stretch of highway that just closed down. LL