Meeting notes

OOIDA Board of Directors Treasurer Bill Rode, Eagle, Idaho, chairs the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship committee. The program has received more than $700,000 in contributions since its inception in 1998. As a result, more than 80 students have received more than $250,000 in scholarships. Rode reported that this year alone 18 awards were distributed for a total of $24,000. Donations from all over contributed to the fund, including Shell Rotella's $10,000 donation for six straight years.

Life Members Martha and John Taylor of Cross Junction, Va., attended the meeting. Martha serves on the Scholarship Committee, and John served on the board until his retirement last year. Taylor has been trucking since he was 13. At the 2014 fall board meeting, he was named Director Emeritus by the Board of Directors and was in Grain Valley this year to accept the plaque in person. He also shared some words of wisdom on how he was able to drive 7 million safe miles – without all the crash avoidance and technical gadgets promoted by agencies and so-called safety groups.

"Here it is; you have to be really careful, you have to pay attention. It doesn't take 100 percent, it takes 110 percent. You used to have 3 feet of room on both sides of the truck. Now you are in trouble if you move 3 inches going 70 mph," Taylor said. "You must pay attention and forget about everything else but driving."

The first session of the meeting wrapped up with a report on the Unified Carrier Registration program. OOIDA Board of Directors General Vice President Woody Chambers, Eddyville, Ky., and Board Member Monte Wiederhold of Lebanon, Ohio, serve on the UCR committee. The 2016 UCR is now due and they reported there are no changes in fees. Forty-one states currently participate.

Several board members asked Chambers if the nine states that do not participate are still ticketing and if so, how many tickets are being handed out. Chambers said those states do enforce and the number of tickets vary state-to-state. He said New Jersey, for instance, gave out 793 tickets this year, Nevada had only issued two. LL