Mafia secrets
A long road to a sweet ride

By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

"Buzz Kill" is the latest project for the Davis Brothers. Tom and Brian hail from Owensville, Ind., and operate several trucks hauling farm and ag products. The family's primary focus is farming and agri-work. But the 2014 Pete 386 featured here reaffirms that if they become bored with farming, they have a knack for cool truck design and a solid future in custom truck building.

The Peterbilt 386 Ultracab, powered by Detroit Series 60, was born a glider kit and brought to life by Fitzgerald Glider Kits. The long wheelbase, air ride steer axle suspension, and deletion of sleeper extenders on the 63-inch high rise bunk provided a good stance and a perfect clean canvas for the Davis gang to create an attention-getting aero-style rig.

First of all, the paint colors had to be picked - blue, green, orange and white. That doesn't necessarily sound like a surefire good color combo. But wow, it is just that - a perfect choice.

To help take the custom look to the 10-yard line, John from Bad Ass went and fiberglass-molded a one-off air intake scoop in the sides of the hood. The painted rear fenders made the touchdown, and the classic pinstripes kicked in the extra point.

Brian Davis sawed the center out of the original factory grille and had a stainless steel grille insert laser cut with "Davis Bros" front-and-center.

Features? There isn't enough space in this magazine for all the things that were modified, upgraded or changed on this truck.

Just to name a few:

  • 21-inch chrome wrap-around bumper;
  • painted drop visor;
  • 7-inch monster stacks;
  • Shaved cab lights and air horns;
  • Flush mount painted frame covers;
  • Wide fuel tank straps;
  • A sharp T-bar rear bumper;
  • A CSM sleeper shock box cover that includes an electric actuated trap door to reveal load lights; and
  • The list goes on and on.

And I have only told you about the exterior. The inside of this truck rivals the outside in jaw-dropping cool factor. As you may have guessed, the Davis crew is big on audio and video. The system in this Pete is off the hook.

Every piece of factory dashboard and plastic interior trim was removed, sanded and repainted to match the exterior colors. And my personal fave feature -white carpet. Who does that?? Only Brian Davis. A very slick trick.

Why the name "Buzz Kill"? Because this truck has had more quirky glitches and unforeseen delays than any prior Davis big rig build. After a long, aggravating uphill battle to get the project completed and looking "just right," the truck was rear-ended en route to its debut show.

The rear light bar and a couple of the fenders were mangled, and the Pete never made it to the event. Later that evening as Brian was slamming doors and throwing tools, he thought to himself "Man, this night has been a total buzz kill." A few minutes later, he called up Tom and said "I got it. The truck's name is 'Buzz Kill.'"

True story. LL