How sensible comments squelched a proposed rule from FMCSA

Steve Bixler, OOIDA Life Member

Instead of pushing forward, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration withdrew a notice of proposed rulemaking at the end of 2015. It would have required all commercial trucks to display a label applied by the manufacturer or registered importer that the truck complied with all vehicle safety standards at the time of manufacture.

In the agency's notice to withdraw the proposal, which published in the Federal Register on Dec. 30, the agency noted that the 19 commenters raised substantive issues. The agency was led to conclude that it would be inappropriate to move forward with a final rule based on the proposal.

The agency noted that the regulations, as are, "effectively ensure that motor carriers maintain the safety equipment and features provided by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards through enforcement, making an additional certification labeling regulation unnecessary."

This statement should be proof to any and all naysayers who proclaim that our comments to FMCSA and all government agencies go unseen, unheard, and unanswered, that not only do they listen, but they often will act in a reasonable manner if you give them the proof they need.

So no more excuses for not submitting comments. "Quit Bitching. Join OOIDA" and submit your comments to FMCSA when your professional association needs that support. LL