OOIDA offers new program to maintain records and stay in compliance

By Tyson Fisher, staff writer

Whether you’re a one-person operation with your own authority or managing a fleet of trucks, keeping tabs on the litany of paperwork ranging from hours of service to equipment maintenance compliance is a tedious chore. To make your job easier, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has rolled out Compliance Connection, a tool for keeping records and staying compliant.

Compliance Connection is a one-stop shop to maintain the records of all the drivers of a trucking company. Once signed up, the image on the top will appear on the log-in screen.

Any paperwork and other documentation can be filed in the appropriate category. In the event any driver included in the files is not in compliance, the administrator of the page will be notified. In the bottom image, noncompliance is found with a driver and hours of service. Simply click on the driver’s profile to see what is missing.

When compliance updates are approaching, the appropriate category will be highlighted in yellow. Those signed up for

Compliance Connection will receive an email approximately 30 days before documents, including CDLs and medical certifications, expire.

Although the focus is on compliance, the new program is much more. Under the company info tab, trucking company owners can store documents for contracts,

MCS 90 forms, audit files, training classes, company policy and safety consulting. Members can also keep track of mileage maintenance costs and cost-per-mile to maximize profits.

If an authorized investigator needs certain information, members can easily pull up all documents requested. Investigators will have access to only the information that Compliance Connection members want them to have.

Members can also store information about any accidents that may occur. This can be useful for insurance and investigator inquiries.

In the event “Beyond Compliance” becomes a reality, Compliance Connection will be an excellent tool to comply with that program.

Compliance Connection offers several benefits including:

  • 24/7 online access to files
  • DVIR storage
  • Annual inspection certificates storage
  • Drug and alcohol testing and record storage
  • Access to upload own documents; no need to scan and email or fax
  • Ability to schedule and track periodic maintenance
  • Ability to organize paperwork and allow auditors to view records during a new entry safety audit
  • Storage of driver qualification files and maintenance files per FMCSA regulations

Pricing will vary based on the needs of individual members.

For more information about Compliance Connection, call OOIDA at 816-229-5791. LL